Working with your EMR to put data to work.

Invaryant’s patient-centric platform for healthcare providers enables personalized and coordinated care teams, seamless transition of care, and improved patient experience. Invaryant works in coordination with your EMR and our patient app.
Access complete patient records
Instantaneously access complete patient health records, regardless of EMR system, to reduce risk and enhance patient outcomes.
Bridge the divide between patient data
Patients have access to their full medical records and can share them with whomever they choose, as mandated by CMS.
Satisfy MIPS & Meaningful Use (MU3)
Meet Promoting Interoperability (PI) and quality measures and satisfy the requirements for reimbursement.
Incorporate Fitness Trackers
Understand patient activity away from your practice combined with medical data.

Enhance patient experience

Enhance patient experience in the front office by eliminating forms, automating insurance checks, and allowing for electronic signatures of HIPAA waivers and payment guarantees. Manage your MIPS and eCQM compliance requirements with Invaryant’s interoperability and performance reporting capabilities, and get paid in full for the services you have provided.

Expanded revenue streams

Bill for cooperative care

Expand your patient base to areas in need by participating as a cooperative care provider.

Increase ratings

Improve efficiency & effectiveness ratings for optimal reimbursements for value-based care.

Increase revenue options

Easily expand care-delivery methods into concierge care and telemedicine.

Get more from value-based care

See your patient’s entire health history.


Improve patient experience by coordinating their care team using cross-provider records and consults.

Track patient adherence to their care plan with insight into fulfilled scripts, fitness routines, and health habits.

Discover cooperative care

Cooperative Care by Invaryant democratizes the availability of medical resources and expands provider revenue sources.

Connect with your patient and other members of their care team in one central location with the ease of complete record and document sharing.

Multiple providers can collaborate, regardless of location, limiting travel and delays and allowing specialized providers to quickly reach more patients in less time.

High-need and low-income communities benefit from the same skilled healthcare professionals that are available to residents of resource-dense areas, regardless of location.

Keeping providers in the loop with secure data

Invaryant is revolutionizing the current approach to data and healthcare. By putting patient health at the heart of what we do, we’re able to communicate health-status updates to physicians while maintaining data security. We bridge the gap between patient data and your EMRs for a more well-rounded and consistent medical perspective.